My verdict after having gone through the entire learning path

NLP has gone wild in a world cohabited by humans and machines. Long before, however, this acronym has stood for the complex relationships we maintain with each other, and with our wonderful minds alike.

At the Origins of the Appellation

Neuro linguistic programming.. such an unlikely marriage of words which means : Our behavior is conditioned…

The name says it all, plus two more lessons.

July 30th 2020, Perseverance Rover successfully headed for a 7-month journey to join lone Curiosity on the Red Planet, wandering out there for 8 years and more. Meanwhile, Earthlings have been struggling to address a planetary health crisis amid a non-stop social, economic and (geo)political turmoil here and there. …

My takeaway from a troubling professional collaboration.

Today, I closed a 6-month project with a contractor. It was such a long-awaited relief, both professionally and.. mentally.

Last weeks have been the tightest due to repetitive delays, resulting in a tense communication worsened by nonchalance and denial I discovered in the person I once wanted to team with…

Khalil Gdoura

Creative Entrepreneur / Habit Coach / I reflect on my journey, in the continual pursuit of Energy, Innovation and Productivity /

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